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358 Rat CX3C-chemokine/Fractalkine,FKN/CX3CL1 ELISA Kit 96TCDB Science Inc$368noneInquiry
356Rat c-Jun N-terminal kinases/stress-activated protein kinase,JNK/SAPK ELISA Kit 96TCDB Science Inc$368noneInquiry
353Rat c-jun ELISA Kit 96TCDB Science Inc$368noneInquiry
351Rat c-fos ELISA Kit 96TCDB Science Inc$368noneInquiry
350Rat cluster of differentiation 8,CD8 ELISA Kit96TCDB Science Inc$368noneInquiry
348Rat cluster Of differentiation,CD4 ELISA Kit96TCDB Science Inc$368noneInquiry
346Rat cluster Of differentiation,CD44 ELISA Kit 96TCDB Science Inc$368noneInquiry
345Rat Cluster of differentiation 3,CD3 ELISA Kit96TCDB Science Inc.$368 noneInquiry
292Rat Cluster of differentiation 30,CD30 ELISA Kit96TCDB Science Inc$368noneInquiry
291Rat CCAAT/enhancer binding protein beta,C/EBPβ ELISA Kit 96TCDB Science Inc.$368 noneInquiry
289Rat Cyclic AMP response element binding protein,CREB ELISA Kit96TCDB Science Inc$368noneInquiry
287Rat factor B,BF ELISA Kit 96TCDB Science Inc $368 noneInquiry
285Rat B-cell leukemia/lymphoma 2,Bcl-2 ELISA Kit96TCDB Science Inc $368noneInquiry
267Rat BH3 interacting domain death agonist,Bid ELISA Kit96TCDB Science Inc.$368noneInquiry
263Rat β2-microglobulin,BMG/β2-MG ELISA Kit96TCDB Science Inc.$368noneInquiry
261Rat Bcl-2 associated X protein,Bax ELISA Kit 96TCDB Science Inc. $368 noneInquiry
260Rat apelin 12,AP12 ELISA Kit96TCDB Science Inc.$368noneInquiry
259Rat 8-iso prostaglandin,8-iso-PG ELISA Kit96TCDB Science Inc.$368noneInquiry
258Rat 8-Hydroxy-desoxyguanosine,8-OHdG ELISA Kit96T CDB Science Inc. $368 noneInquiry
257Rat 8-oxoguanineDNAglycosylase,OGG ELISA Kit96TCDB Science Inc$368noneInquiry
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